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” Aggie is a very interesting person. She is very adjustable – wherever she goes, she fits right in! At the same time she is a very resolute and funny character. Aggie has some sort of a gift – thanks to her, I wake up every morning full of joy, ready to chase my dreams – maybe she really loves me. On a serious note, she has a strict set of goals that must be achieved. Nothing can stop this warrior.

Aggie can be very spontaneous and sometimes can act like a two year old. But that‘s not to say she can’t raise to the occasion and be very professional when needed. Sometimes I don’t know if she is my wife or my old boss, however, I know in most cases it’s in my best interest! Aggie is hooked on one thing, and one thing only – it’s sushi. This food turned her world upside down, she just loves it!!! I have to admit that I’m little bit jealous – but what can I do – I want her love all to myself. What’s more, Aggie really loves ironing…

Another great example of how she completes me, I absolutely hate this chore. But hey, nobody’s perfect, she also likes to make a big mess from time to time  “ – Darek, husband

“Sometimes the  smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest.
Step of your life. tip toe if you must, but take the step.”


“ Darek still seems like a 12 years old kid who enjoys sharing jokes with everyone. On the other hand, he can be really serious and demanding in order to accomplish tasks. During his photography career he has gained an enormous amount of experience working with a variety of clients. He can make anyone feel very comfortable in front of the camera, making each experience fun and enjoyable.” – Aggie, wife.

We are a very happily married couple, that we’ve decide to spread and share this love WithU during this very special day. We all know how stressful weddings can be – don’t worry, we are here to help you, relax. We’ve gain so much experience over the years doing a weddings photography that nothing will surprise us. Photography is an adventure for us, capturing the moment and finding new inspiration around us, it is a welcoming challenge for us.

We love meeting new people, couples who often become our new friends after the wedding as well as their families. The words of appreciation after a shoot bring the most happiness to our lives, and when we sometimes hear we made their dream come true it can bring a tear of joy to ours eyes!!

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions” – Dalai Lama XIV


“Adrian is quite the funny character, always has a smile on his face to greet the day. He loves what he does and tries to express that through his work.
He established his first independent film group in 1999 that started his passion for film. In just a decade they made over thirty short movies presented in local and international festivals. His professional background allows him to create beautifully filmed memories.

He will direct you if need be, however, his goal is to make each moment as natural as possible and at times he tries to go unseen, creating a more comfortable experience. He will listen to your requests in order to produce and capture the finest moments in your life. Adrian is a family guy, who gets inspiration from his wife and friends.

He has such a positive outlook on life that spreads everywhere. Everyone needs an Adrian on their wedding day.” – Gosia, wife.

“Do not be afraid to take a risk. Rocky took some and look how succesful he became.” – Forrest Gump

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