In The Dress Up Box – Birthday Outfit

Hello World !
A few weeks ago we had an occasion to do a photoshoot with the Lovely Hannah from In The Dress Up Box. Hanna is writing a blog about fashion, health etc.
Please feel free to check her website as well – especially you Girls ! A lot of inspiration about what to wear, for what occasion and why !

Now please check ours result from the session !
It wasn’t our last session, will be more and more so please stay tuned !

WithU-Portrait-photography-Perth-Fremantle-Hannah-01 WithU-Portrait-photography-Perth-Fremantle-Hannah-02 WithU-Portrait-photography-Perth-Fremantle-Hannah-03 WithU-Portrait-photography-Perth-Fremantle-Hannah-04 WithU-Portrait-photography-Perth-Fremantle-Hannah-05 WithU-Portrait-photography-Perth-Fremantle-Hannah-06 WithU-Portrait-photography-Perth-Fremantle-Hannah-07 WithU-Portrait-photography-Perth-Fremantle-Hannah-08 WithU-Portrait-photography-Perth-Fremantle-Hannah-12 WithU-Portrait-photography-Perth-Fremantle-Hannah-13

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