Lucky Winners !

Hi Guys, about a month ago we were running a competition on our FB Page.
Let me introduce our winners – Paula & Mati. They decide to pick our couple session.

For Mati it was quite a difficult task. Mmmmm how can I say it gentle – he just doesn’t like to be photographed. But by session’s end he admited that It was one of his best experience.
We formed a connection during the session, he had lots of fun which relaxed him and he was far more confident.

These could be yours priceless, memorable images – contact with us !

Please check our full portfolio for even more.


Wedding-Photography-Perth-Couple-session-Paula-Mati-04Wedding-Photography-Perth-Couple-session-Paula-Mati-01 Wedding-Photography-Perth-Couple-session-Paula-Mati-05 Wedding-Photography-Perth-Couple-session-Paula-Mati-06Wedding-Photography-Perth-Couple-session-Paula-Mati-02

Wedding-Photography-Perth-Couple-session-Paula-Mati-11Wedding-Photography-Perth-Couple-session-Paula-Mati-07 Wedding-Photography-Perth-Couple-session-Paula-Mati-12 Wedding-Photography-Perth-Couple-session-Paula-Mati-13 Wedding-Photography-Perth-Couple-session-Paula-Mati-14 Wedding-Photography-Perth-Couple-session-Paula-Mati-15 Wedding-Photography-Perth-Couple-session-Paula-Mati-16

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