Portrait session – Meghan…

Hello world !
Few days ago we had in our studio amazing girls – Meghan !
She is a student, she is working behind the bar.
She also deserve to look gorgeous.
She send us an email that she wants to experience with us amazing time.
Off course we said yes – set up a date and…

And please check our results !

WithU-temporary-portrait-photography-Perth-Meg-000 WithU-temporary-portrait-photography-Perth-Meg-01 WithU-temporary-portrait-photography-Perth-Meg-02 WithU-temporary-portrait-photography-Perth-Meg-03 WithU-temporary-portrait-photography-Perth-Meg-04 WithU-temporary-portrait-photography-Perth-Meg-05 WithU-temporary-portrait-photography-Perth-Meg-06 WithU-temporary-portrait-photography-Perth-Meg-07 WithU-temporary-portrait-photography-Perth-Meg-08 WithU-temporary-portrait-photography-Perth-Meg-09 WithU-temporary-portrait-photography-Perth-Meg-10 WithU-temporary-portrait-photography-Perth-Meg-11 WithU-temporary-portrait-photography-Perth-Meg-12 WithU-temporary-portrait-photography-Perth-Meg-13

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