X-23 – Cosplay

Hello World 😉
We’ve decided to do our first cosplay shoots 😉
What’s more we recorded a video showing a X-23 character.
Check out the results 😉

All production is a fan-made, non-profit trailer, made purely for entertainment purposes. Production was created with a lot of love and huge commitment from 3rd Parties.
Thank You all for your effort. This is only our beginning, stay tuned for more !

X-23-Perth-portraits-Cosplay-Withu-Photography-01-small X-23-Perth-portraits-Cosplay-Withu-Photography-02-small X-23-Perth-portraits-Cosplay-Withu-Photography-03-small X-23-Perth-portraits-Cosplay-Withu-Photography-04-small X-23-Perth-portraits-Cosplay-Withu-Photography-05-smallPhotography/Screenplay – Darek Peszel

Videography/Edit – Adrian Maziarz

Model: Kimberley Lye

Music: Rafal Altair Roman – Altair Music

Music Mastering: Bartosz Kasowski – 3/4UDGS

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